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Meet the unicorn of breast pads!

One set of pads (one pad for each breast)

Made with 4 tried and tested layers, MDC reusable breastfeeding pads have:

- a pretty cotton base (that sits against your bra)

- hidden pul for those heavy let downs, missed feeds and miracle night sleep throughs

- a thirsty 500gsm bamboo fleece layer (that will CONTINUE to improve in absorbency with your first 2-3 washes)

- and a super smooth, fast wicking top of Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) - which will NOT leave any fibres, pills or rough spots behind and provide the ultimate level in comfort, especially through those early nipples are on fire, cracked and sticking to everything stage.


MDC breast pads come in two sizes, Regular and Large. They are made in a milk drop (or petal) shape, and have a slight contour that helps them fit to the natural shape of your breast.

REGULAR - widest point is 4" (10cm) longest point 6" (14.5cm)

LARGE - widest point is 4.5" (12cm) longest point 7" (17cm)


Lovingly handmade by a working from home mum right here in Australia.
By purchasing this product, you are not only supporting my small business but also another small business. 

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