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Cloth Wipes - Set of 5

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Colour: Mint

Our range of colourful Baby Bare wipes feature a dual layer design. One layer of super soft bamboo velour, and one layer of bamboo french terry fabric. The two layers are overlocked together with crisp white thread. These are a favourite with our customers and one of our most popular products due to their softness, large size and cleaning efficiency.

* Consider purchasing single colours to separate wipes for bottoms, from wipes for hands and faces.

Our wipes have a wide variety of uses including:

  • Nappy changes
  • Cleaning hands and face after meals
  • Bath time
  • Toilet training (replacing flushable wipes)
  • Replace your face washers with this super soft alternative

Size: 20 x 20xm

Pack size: 5 wipes - single colour or mixed rainbow

Why buy reusable wipes?

  • Better for baby's skin - no nasty chemicals or plastic
  • Better for the environment - no contribution to landfill 
  • More cost effective than disposable wipes
  • Can be used for all the family
  • Store in our wet bags for out & about - 1 for clean, 1 for dirty, easy to carry in your nappy bag, pram, car
  • Easily washed with your regular nappy or clothes wash