7" liner cloth pad

7" liner cloth pad

My Divine Cloth

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Item: 7" light absorbency reusable cloth pad liner with NO pul Featuring:

- 7" long

- 100% Cotton top and backer (backing fabric is plain black)

- light flow protection with a single layer of extra heavy bamboo fleece core (500 gsm total)

- 2.5" - 2.75" adjustable snapped width


- industrial machine pressed Kam snaps for extra durability

Inside every MDC pad, is a hidden (otherwise called 'floating') core, which is where all the absorbency happens. I work with extra heavy bamboo fleece and bamboo terry, both of which are the best quality and most absorbent available at 500GSM per layer. 

liners/lights - 500gsm

regular/moderate - 1000gsm

heavy/ultimate - 1500gsm 

Then comes your choice of PUL or no PUL (pul being the breathable but waterproof layer used in cloth nappies for little ones)

The vert first and last layers of the pad are made with 100% cotton, with the back fabric always being plain black. 

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